Stimulate Appetite And Help Digestion
- Sep 08, 2017 -

Onion contains onion garlic, rich aroma, processing due to the smell of pungent and often make people cry. It is this special smell can stimulate gastric acid secretion, increase appetite. Animal  experiments have also proved that onions can improve gastrointestinal  tension, promote gastrointestinal motility, which play an appetizing  effect, atrophic gastritis, gastric motility, indigestion caused by loss  of appetite have a significant effect.

Small advice: purple onion nutrition is higher.
According to skin color, onions can be divided into white, yellow and purple three. Nutritional value from the perspective of assessment, purple onion nutrition better. This  is because the purple onion is more spicy than the other two varieties  of onions, which means that it contains more allicin. In addition, the purple part of the purple onion contains more quercetin.