Ginger Can Prevent Stomach Problems
- Sep 08, 2017 -

Increase  the appetite to prevent stomach disease, whether it is steamed fish  cooking, or seasoning, ginger is absolutely blindly on the table, the  spicy taste can go fishy fish, in addition to smell of mutton, soup and  ginger can also dispelling cold and in the taste fragrance. Proverbs  have "rice is not fragrant and eat ginger" argument, that is, when the  meal is not fragrant or appetite to eat when eating a few slices of  ginger or put a little ginger in the dish, to improve appetite, increase  appetite. Stomach  ulcers, Deficiency of gastritis, enteritis and cold cold can also serve  ginger to cold sweating, warm stomach antiemetic, sterilization  analgesic. Ginger or traditional treatment of nausea, vomiting of traditional Chinese medicine, "vomiting home medicine" reputation. In  the summer, especially in the days of bacteria, bacterial growth and  reproduction of unusually active, easy to contaminate food caused by  acute gastroenteritis, but the appropriate eating ginger can play a  preventive role, ginger and kill oral pathogens and intestinal pathogens  effect. Summer people are good Tan Liang, like fans blowing air conditioning, it is easy to cold, causing colds. At this time in time to drink ginger water, will help to expel the body cold. Chinese  medicine that ginger can "pass the gods", that is refreshing, so this  time often dizziness, palpitations and chest tightness nausea people,  appropriate to drink ginger soup great benefit. In  addition, ginger Xin Wen, with the role of promoting blood circulation,  women eat ginger can also anti-aging, reduce the occurrence of  gallstones.

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