Apple Futures Will Be Available On December 22
- Dec 22, 2017 -

The CSRC has recently approved the zhengzhou Commodity Exchange to carry out apple futures trading.The apple futures contract will be listed on the zhengzhou Commodity Exchange on December 22, 2017.This is the first fresh fruit futures contract trading in China and the world, which will help strengthen China's international voice of apple and thus form the global apple pricing center.For now, the world's apple-related futures are only available in August 2012 at the Minneapolis grain futures exchange (MGEX).

There are three main reasons for choosing apple futures as an important breakthrough in fresh fruit futures.One is that apple's spot size is large enough that our country is the world's largest apple producer and the largest importer of apple.The total annual output is about 43 million tons, and China's annual output of apple is about 220 billion yuan, the first year in the world.The second is that the apple production is spread across the country, and the time span of the picking time is large, with the availability of refrigerated storage, which can be supplied continuously throughout the year for the delivery of futures.The price fluctuation space is large, the production of apple is mainly small and small farmers, the price of apple fluctuates frequently, the fluctuation amplitude keeps increasing.Since 2010, domestic apple prices have fluctuated by a minimum of 57% per year.In 2015, the volatility was the largest, reaching 150 percent.