What is organic
- Jan 03, 2018 -

Organic Food is an internationally accepted term, which is derived from Organic Food in the UK, and is also known as ecological or biological Food in other languages."Organic" is not a chemical concept.International federation of organic agriculture movement (IFOAM) for organic food is defined as: according to grow organic food standards and the production processing technical specifications and production, through the certified organic food certification and certificate of all food and agricultural products.National environmental protection bureau organic food development center (OFDC) is defined as the organic food certification standards from organic agricultural production system, according to the organic certification standard production, processing, and authenticated by the independent organic food certification institution of agricultural products and its processed products, etc.Including food, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, livestock products, honey, aquatic products, spices, etc.

Organic food and pollution-free food and green food, is the most significant difference between the former in the process of its production and processing of absolute ban the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, synthetic pigment, synthetic materials such as hormones, which allows limited use of these substances.Therefore, the production of organic food is much more difficult than other food, and it is necessary to establish a new production system and adopt corresponding replacement technology