Garlic cultivation technique
- Nov 03, 2017 -

1. Selected land and ground: garlic should be planted with loose, fertile and well-drained land.Site preparation fertilization, increase quantity, choose good varieties, soil surface spraying high lipid membrane, can keep moisture evaporation, prevent bask in drought resistance, thermal insulation antifreeze, prevent soil harden and asphyxia and isolate the source of diseases and pests.

2. Sowing seeds: select the best varieties of garlic, then compress the soil after seeding, and then water it.Spraying high lipid membrane, to form a protective film on the ground, which can effectively prevent the ground moisture evaporation, can prevent bacteria infection, improve the ability to resist natural disasters, improve photosynthesis intensity, improve the garlic sprout.

3. Long-term management: watering, fertilizing, weeding and preventing diseases and pests;Machine is reasonable timely watering, fertilizing, weeding, spraying targeted pests and disease prevention drugs, to make young garlic shoot bulky, spray vegetables growing strong stems spirit, can make the plant stem stem stout, at the same time can improve ability to resist disasters, reduce pesticide fertilizer rate, reduce the residues.


4, pregnant moss: want to garlic, garlic harvest, fruit in the land of bolting stage spraying plant strong spirit, make the underground fruit nutrition transportation catheter coarse and improve fruit enlargement vigor, fruit surface is smooth, fruit, good quality and high yield.When harvesting, use the shovel to dig in the side of the garlic, then you can pull it out with your hand.

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