Apple's human meaning
- Sep 12, 2017 -

Taoism regards apple as fairy fruit, it is also the fruit of youth in  the Nordic mythology, the fruit of love in Greek mythology.
In the Wu language area because Wu language "apple" and "sick" is  homonym, so in the Wu area is not visiting the patient when the apple.
In  Hong Kong and other places, Western apples are also known as snake  fruit, but not because it is the "biblical" snake to lure Eve Adam to  eat forbidden fruit, but because before the import of apples from  foreigners, someone heard foreigners applaud Apple delicious (delicious)  , Mistakenly think that this is Apple's foreign name, so it will be called "local snake fruit", after the snake.
Japanese  said Apple as "リ ン ゴ" (ringo), which is the Japanese era of Japanese  pronunciation has been used today, the Chinese character is "Ringo." Traditional Taiwanese is called "Phōng-kó", Chinese characters "apple". Because  Taiwan is located in the subtropical region, in the pear mountain has  not yet planted the apple before all rely on foreign imports. Apple and therefore expensive, so early to eat apples become a symbol of luxury.
Because Apple's "apple" and "flat" homonym, so in China to eat apples also have solution to "peace" to say. In  recent years also began to pop on Christmas Eve - Christmas Eve to eat  the behavior of Apple, need to clear this move from China, foreign and  no such tradition.